Which tech tools provide the best ROI?

June 19, 2018

Many agents are now adopting new tech, but not all tools are created equal. Which will provide the most bang for real estate professionals' buck?

The wow factor
Augmented and virtual reality home touring apps are increasingly popular among home shoppers because agents will allow them to really picture themselves in the homes listed in their communities, according to Forbes.

When people are able to take multiple "open house" trips in a single visit to an office thanks to VR, or use AR on a tablet to digitally arrange a room in exactly the way they want it to look, that can help them feel much more enthusiastic about the real estate sales process. In turn, it may make them more amenable to closing on the property.

Keeping the business in mind
All the bells and whistles available in the industry can't replace a competent, seamless sale, so agents might also be wise to think about technology that isn't client-facing but rather will make agents' lives easier, the Forbes Real Estate Council noted. Apps that can be used like personal assistants and automate processes that clients never see but are nonetheless make an agent's job easier can be vital.

Think of it this way: Any hour that's not spent on tedious work like organizing spreadsheets and collating lists of leads can be spent on client services, which can, in turn, really boost an agent's reputation in their local markets.

When agents have more time to devote to client communications and otherwise helping buyers and sellers move forward with ease through the sales process, they will be more likely to build strong, lasting relationships that can keep paying off years down the line.