Cutting-edge content marketing tips

June 19, 2018

Content marketing is vital for agents to keep their websites and social media profiles active. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways for real estate professionals to stay creative and engaging through these channels.

Perhaps the best way to re-start a content marketing strategy is to focus on blogging about shareable topics related to real estate, according to Carrot. Specifically, while many agents have long relied on blog posts about individual listings, giving potential clients and other readers more information about what to expect from the real estate sales process, how to maximize their time and energy as they search for a home to buy or the right shopper to sell to, and so on could be quite useful for not only getting clicks, but also further establishing the agent in question as a local expert in the field.

That blogging effort can also expand to information about local events, ranging from holiday celebrations to details about farmer's markets and carnivals. Generally speaking, it's just a good idea to think about what people in the community might want to read, and how that can be tied back into the agent's place as a member of that community.

Taking the next step
When agents are able to blog confidently on a number of topics, they might also want to branch out their efforts into other mediums. Because most real estate pros have accounts on a number of platforms, creating content that can be cross-posted will go a long way as well. For instance, using an Instagram account that highlights beautiful listings can also be utilized to live-stream local parades or Old Home Days, and Facebook can be a great place to host live video Q&As with people who want to know more about the local real estate market.

From the bottom up
It's also worth noting that in a lot of cases, this kind of content marketing should direct readers or viewers back to the agent's professional website or social media profiles, according to Agent Image. With that in mind, it's important for agents to consider the design of their sites and if it's equipped to meet modern expectations.

A total rebrand isn't always the answer, but it's certainly wise to consider whether an agent's site adequately positions all this new content as central to their work. If not, simply rearranging some things on the front page so that videos and important blog posts are front and center is often a good idea. Likewise, any agents that haven't put in the work to make sure their sites are responsive to mobile or other devices could be making it harder for potential clients to quickly and easily view all the content they've worked so hard to create.

Taking a holistic look at what kind of content has been shared or viewed most in the past could help agents identify areas where they can branch out and continue to expand their standing as local authorities on all things real estate.