February brings plenty of marketing opportunities

There are a lot of holidays in February around which agents can market, from Groundhog Day to National Margarita Day.

February marketing ideas

Many agents are focusing on their spring marketing efforts, for good reason, but they can't let their attentions for February go by the wayside.

Ideas for ramping up social marketing efforts in 2019

The buying and selling season is right around the corner, and real estate professionals need to be ready.

Setting your online marketing budget

Many agents are going to get a lot of traction with their online marketing efforts in 2019.

Helping sellers with their January listings

When people are looking to sell a home at this time of year, they might have certain trepidations.

Rethinking marketing in the new year

With 2019 finally here, agents are likely already looking ahead to the spring buying and selling season.

Sketch out the basics for 2019 marketing

While the sales season is still a few months away, agents should be hard at work on the plans for all their marketing efforts for the year ahead.

Think up fun social media marketing this December

There's lot of social media engagement at this time of year, and real estate professionals can get in on the action.

What to plan for with December email marketing

There are a lot of marketing opportunities in December, and real estate professionals should be aware of all of them.

What goals should agents have for marketing at this time of year?

Setting expectations as the end of the year approaches is vital for real estate agents, because it allows them to plan for both their near- and long-term success.