February brings plenty of marketing opportunities

There are a lot of holidays in February around which agents can market, from Groundhog Day to National Margarita Day.

February marketing ideas

Many agents are focusing on their spring marketing efforts, for good reason, but they can't let their attentions for February go by the wayside.

Is new real estate software the way to go?

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Crafting with kids on Valentine's Day

There are plenty of opportunities for everyone to have a little fun around Valentine's Day, but making crafty decorations or cards with kids is a great way to start.

What should new agents know ahead of their first big sales season?

Relatively inexperienced real estate professionals have probably never had to deal with the inundation of interest - from both buyers and sellers - they're likely to face in March and April.

Big changes could be coming for real estate tech

Real estate technology is evolving at a rapid rate, so it's wise for agents to study and get a better idea of how emerging options will change their day-to-day work.

How brokers can keep up with changing times

The ways in which people want to interact with their employers is changing a lot these days.

Ideas for ramping up social marketing efforts in 2019

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Final steps to make sure you're ready for spring

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Setting your online marketing budget

Many agents are going to get a lot of traction with their online marketing efforts in 2019.