Agents can leverage hidden social media features for better connections

May 29, 2018

Social media is a great way for any real estate professional to connect with potential clients, so understanding the little nuances of certain platforms can help improve that experience. That, in turn, can help them boost real estate sales going forward.

One thing agents would be wise to do is keep closer tabs on their Facebook messages, according to Inman. While Facebook Messenger will show many communiques from current or prospective clients, some get filtered out into a folder marked "Message Requests." Making sure to click on that may help agents find leads that they otherwise could have easily missed.

Eye-catching media
In addition, Facebook allows users to take 360-degree photos and videos through its platforms, so for a particularly beautiful listing or fun event, agents might be able to leverage the tech to really wow users. This can be especially helpful because users can view the 360 media on both their smartphones and computers.

Sharing photos just got easier
One recent development is that, for a long time, users couldn't schedule posts on Instagram, but that recently changed, according to Facelift. That means agents won't have to be ready to post whatever drafts they've saved up right when they want to post, and can therefore take a weekend or holiday off from their social feeds.

When agents can get a little more power in handling their social media accounts, their ability to stand out in their market becomes that much stronger. A little research and practice can go a long way toward helping them master these platforms.